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Sevwins 2020 Reflection

Image of Matt French
Matt French

When we founded the company just one year ago, our mission was to impact 1 million lives. With your help, we are on our way to making it a reality.

Together, we introduced the first app dedicated to helping student-athletes build a growth mindset. In six months, the Sevwins community has grown to more than 40 teams and 650 athletes across many levels and sports. Sevwins athletes have committed to nearly 200,000 growth reps including 16,000 weekly goals and 11,000 weekly reflections. Take a step back to reflect on these numbers and they are staggering.

The impact extends far beyond the growth reps. Sevwins athletes read specific key growth terms daily, they translate thoughts into written performance words and engage in active decision-making. In a single year, the Sevwins athlete will complete 7,768 growth reps. And they will do this in just 7-minutes per week.

In one year, Sevwins Athletes will....

Read 3,483 key growth terms
Avg 9.42 p/day

Write 2,600 growth words
Equal to a 24-page personal growth paper

Make 1,730 growth decisions
Avg of 4.7 p/day


Sevwins Athlete Screenshots2-1

We're just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Like most seasoned teams, we spent time validating the core feature set. Over the next two quarters, we will continue to evolve the user experience and add new features including coach broadcasting, pre and post performance journals and articulation of life areas. The app will become intelligent, providing context aware recommendations, training and encourage for athletes and coaches.

Wishing you happy holidays and an even better 2021.

The Sevwins Team,

Greg, John and Matt

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