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Tyler Freeman, Cleveland Indians, on the Power of Coaches as Mentors

We asked Tyler Freeman, Cleveland Indians, to share his perspective on the power of coaches as mentors. Here’s his take.


“…the best coaches gave me constructive criticism and I have taken it and moved forward with it.” – Tyler Freeman

One of the biggest things is building a relationship - understanding each and every individual player. Get to know them to build trust. Once players build trust with a coach they are open ears for anything and are willing to do whatever it takes. Coaches at the high school or college level will only know athletes for about four years. For those four years, you want to build the most special bond between athlete and coach.

Some of the best coaches I have had told me stuff straight up. They were as honest as possible on guiding me to get better on and off the field. They gave me the best constructive criticism that I have ever had and I have taken it and moved forward with it.

– Tyler Freeman, Cleveland Indians

Photo Credit: Inland Empire Sports

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